Home Improvements: How To Make a Real Difference

Home improvements cover so many aspects to work at your house, some you will be aware of, and others you may not have considered.

With such a variety of work that can be done, we thought we would take a look at some of our most common jobs and the impact they can make when you want to make a difference at your property.

You might be looking for extra space in existing rooms by making better use of the area you have, additional rooms adding on to your house, a refurbishment or general aesthetic improvements. You might be looking for work in your garden or converting outbuildings. Indoor or outside, the opportunities are endless.

Whatever it is you need, there will always be a solution for you. No two homes are the same, neither are two people’s tastes exactly to suit. It is an exciting space to work in, and the changes that can be made can make huge differences. Welcome to the world of home improvements.

Converting existing Conservatories

One of the most popular jobs we carry out regularly at Deepcar Home Improvements is turning existing conservatories into solid roof conservatories. This allows for greater use of space all year round.

A common problem with older conservatories is they are too hot in the summer months and too cold in the winter. Homeowners are left with a vast amount of space in their property that is not in use for half of the year and only really comfortable in the spring and autumn months.

Our solution for this is to convert the exterior fittings into a solid roof and plaster inside, creating a new room for your home that can be used all year round. We have turned these into dining rooms, kitchens, anything you require the extra space for.

The solid roof conservatory is perfect for those wanting to spend more time in their home and would appreciate a little more space. We can turn the work round in under a week with little disruption, meaning less for you to worry about and more time to plan the perfect interior fittings and furniture.

Improving Your Roofline

Another home improvement we carry out is work on the roofline of your home. This can include one of or all of the following.

  • Fascias – Fitting new boards that are fitted to the lower part of the roof. Fascias are important for carrying the guttering on your home. These can get tired and fresh boards can give your home a lift.
  • Soffits – The under part of your fascias is the soffit, this allows ventilation into the roof and it is important to help prevent any damp issues in the timber. Soffits are the part of your roofline most visible to the street below. Replacing these can make a notable difference in how your property looks.
  • Guttering – Hugely important to drain away rain and water. Guttering can again get tired and often when left without being looked after can become blocked. New guttering can help to address any drainage issues.

This smaller job of improving the roofline can make a real difference to how your home looks and gives you an additional sense of pride as your house stands out from the rest.

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Conversions to your property

You might not have considered it but a conversion can make a massive difference to your property.

Common conversions we carry out at homes in the region are garage conversions. This additional space can be great for turning into an office at home, an additional bedroom or even a downstairs bathroom. Whatever your need, an unused garage can provide a huge amount of space to make an even bigger difference to your property.

As well as garage conversions, we often carry out loft conversions. Again, these may be used as an office space or an additional bedroom.

Where planning permission is required, we can help you in the process of attaining this.

Additional Home Improvements

Our work doesn’t stop there; it might be a new porch you are looking for to create space for muddy shoes or a patio or decking to complement the conservatory outside. Perhaps you need an extension to add space to your kitchen?

We have covered it all and are happy to help with ideas for a solution to your need. The possibilities are endless. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

Adding value to your home

As well as being a solution to your needs now, home improvements can add value to your property as you look to sell later down the line.

A recent article by property price advice notes a number of jobs that can make big differences to the value of your home and is worth a read for a few ideas to get you started.

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