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It’s everybody’s dream to have the perfect home, and there are so many ways that you can achieve this, be it a new conservatory, building your perfect extension or up scaling your home with a new set of windows.

However, not everything goes to plan all the time. Sometimes along the ways, mishaps happen, or existing fittings deteriorate from wear and tear and need a bit of attention in order to repair them.

Should this happen at your property; there is nothing for you to worry about as here at Deepcar Home Improvements we also do repairs.

In this post, we’ve detailed some of the most common repairs needed at your home, how you know when something isn’t as it should be, problems that occur and what this can mean for your property.

If any of the repairs listed below, or indeed anything else happens in your home and you need assistance, you can call on our friendly team of professionals to help set it right for you.

Handle Repairs

You might not realise that your door or window handles need repairing but if something feels wrong, you should get it checked out.

Handles can go wrong in a number of different ways, it might be the function that isn’t working properly or the door isn’t closing the way it should do. You might have noticed a part missing.

If a handle is broken it can lead to a number of problems with you door or window including not closing properly, not being secure or not being as efficient on energy as it should be.

Ultimately this can lead to a number of issues with your home. You shouldn’t leave handle repairs to get worse if you feel you have a problem. A lot of the time, we can fix them before anything major goes wrong, or we can often change parts.

Hinge Repairs

Keeping with doors and windows, another repair we regularly address for our customers is a hinge repair.

A broken or problematic hinge can lead to numerous problems including rattling or stuck doors. Another common issue when it comes to hinges is a squeak. This can be both irritating to hear, and causes strain on the door.

As with other repairs, correcting a broken hinge does not need to be a major job. Getting it fixed before problems get worse can add a new lease of life into your door and can also add to the longevity of service.

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Misted Glass, Broken Seals and Window Repairs

Having good quality doors and glazing on your home is so important, it keeps the heat in and it makes the energy usage in your property. One of the biggest problems that can occur, however, is a broken seal.

A broken seal on a door or a window repair that is needed can let cold air in, causing damp to form and it also means that the energy use in your home is having to work overtime to combat the lack of seal.

Seals can be fixed so you don’t have the expense of a whole new window or door. Once mended, all the issues listed will be addressed.

Misted glass is another common problem. This can be caused from a seal that has previously been broken. Misted glass is a tell tale sign of issues with your windows, however, it doesn’t have to mean replacement. Re-sealing and addressing the issue will help the aesthetics be restored in your home as you say goodbye to steamed up glass.

Got A Repair? Get in Touch

The number of repairs we carry out across the region doesn’t stop there, whatever your problem, our trusted and skilled employees will be able to help. Whether it is broken tiles, locks that need replacing or a letterbox that isn’t behaving as it should be, you can rest assured that our team have been there and done it before.

No job is too small, if you need advice speak to us today.

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We’re a family firm who value our customers. We have over 40 years experience in home improvements since Ian Clancy started out in 1978. Now with the day-to-day running handed over to his children, we still pride ourselves on the same ethics as we always have done. Providing excellent service to the South Yorkshire region and beyond.

Do you have a repair that is needed in your home? Or perhaps you are looking to start a project much bigger. Get in touch with us today and let us know how we can help.

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