Window Repair Problems

Window repairs might be the last thing on your to-do list right now. But are they needed at your home? All we seem to have at the moment are dark wet nights and freezing mornings causing issues! It’s definitely that time of year again.

While the run-up to Christmas is a happy time for most people, it can also bring problems as the cold weather brings many issues.

We’ve previously looked at some of the repairs that we regularly address for people across South Yorkshire and beyond, however in this post we’re going to be delving deeper into a particular type of problem that can raise its head in many different ways: Window Repairs.

We’re going to look at condensation, lock mechanisms, seals and more. We’ll also be turning an eye to the benefits of getting these sorted before anything else goes wrong. Read on to find out more.

Telltale Signs That Window Repair is Needed

Condensation and Steamed Up Windows

Condensation on the inside or the outside can actually be a good sign for your windows, so don’t worry too much – it is more a result of the cold and warm scenarios hitting each other.

What you do need to be concerned about though is if you have condensation in between the two panels of glass. This can be caused by a number of issues including chemicals that have broken the seal, poor installation or just tired and old units.

These can be addressed with resealing, and should definitely be inspected regularly.

Broken Locks / Broken Handles / Lost Keys

How many times have you lost the key to that window that doesn’t get opened regularly? We see it all the time. Or perhaps the lock mechanism or handle is broken and needs to be replaced. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a completely new window. You can often have this replaced dependant on the type and manufacturer.

Addressing broken locks is particularly important for security reasons and shouldn’t be left or forgotten about.

Broken Hinges and Stiff Windows

A major issue we see is windows that won’t open any more or are particularly hard to open. This can be a number of reasons including the hinges or the fittings. They can often be addressed relatively simply though.

If you’re struggling with a window or haven’t used it for a while because you know it won’t open, don’t let it be a problem for any longer than it already has. Small repairs are much more beneficial in the long run.

These are the top issues we see with window repairs. There are many more though as each window style is different. If you’re not sure what is wrong, contact us and we will be sure to help.

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The Benefits Of Efficient Windows

Making sure that your windows work correctly can have many benefits that you might not have thought about:

Save Energy

Given the time of year, your central heating is likely working away at all hours of the day. This is causing your system to work overtime as it strives to keep your home warm and the spirits high! Having more efficient windows hugely contributes to this as it means you are keeping more of the warmth inside your house and less of the cold out. Making sure that your windows are working as they should will help to make sure that your system is not overworking.

Save Money

Let’s face it, why do we do most things in life, to make/save money and ultimately provide for our families. Efficient windows is a step in the right direction when it comes to this. As we’ve mentioned above, having windows that work will save you energy and ultimately this will save you money. If you are losing less energy, you will be charged less for your gas and electricity bills. Start saving by getting that broken window seal off the to-do list today.

Get Green

We know that most people care about the environment, and rightly so. Every day we see the stories in the media about how we are damaging the environment. Well, just as using less energy can save you money, it can also mean that you are doing something positive for the environment. Think about your energy usage next time you feel a draft. Could the inefficiencies in your home, including your windows, be stopped in a bid to help combat this? Do something about it.

Let Deepcar Home Improvements Help Take The Worry Away

If you’re looking at this post and thinking you don’t have the time, skill or knowledge to address any issues with windows, you’re in the right place. We are a family firm that has supported the local community for over 40 years.

No job is too small as far as we are concerned, we want to help make a difference and make improvements to your home.

Contact our friendly team who will be happy to advise on your problem, or on your ideas for bigger projects. Call us on 0114 288 5898, email us or use the form below and we will be happy to help.

Anyway, that’s enough for now, next time we promise to be more in the festive spirit!

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