Garage Conversion Ideas

If you’re looking for garage conversion ideas, you’ll soon realise that the options are limitless. This has made them so popular and in recent years they have really taken off, with people that are trying to make the best use of space in their homes. T and want the latest home improvements for their friends and family to marvel at.

In this latest blog we are looking at the phenomenon that is the garage conversion and the types of rooms you can turn this vast space into. We’ll give ideas to those who only have a small garage space that they are looking to convert or perhaps only want to have a partial garage conversion and we’ll also uncover whether planning permission is required to make the change. Read on to find out more about what can be done with your current unused space.

At Deepcar Home Improvements we have many people that get in touch with us with new ideas and looking for alternative ways to improve their home. This might be because they are looking for a new conservatory or it could be that their windows or doors are becoming dated and need updating. However, more and more, as house prices continue to rise and moving home can be such a hassle, people want to work with the existing space they have. One of the first questions we ask is if they have considered a garage conversion as this is the perfect opportunity to turn what is often a dumping ground within a home into an amazing space that can add value to your home and, most importantly, an area to enjoy.

Our favourite garage conversion ideas and their benefits:

Create an additional bedroom

This is one of the obvious reasons for converting a space into a new room in your house. It may be that your family is growing, your children need their own space, you get the additional guest room you’ve always wanted or you may have a parent who you want to come and live with you to help with their care needs. Whatever the reason, converting your garage can work incredibly well in adding an additional bedroom to your home.

Work from home in a dedicated space

More and more, workplaces are offering their staff the opportunity to work remotely. The problem for some though can be distractions. Having a dedicated office that is separate to the main living space of your house will help with this. You may be thinking of starting up a business and need the additional space to add an office on to your property. Either way, using the disused space that is your garage is an excellent way to make your home more efficient.

Create a beautiful kitchen

Often our garages are next to the kitchen in our home. This is the perfect opportunity to create more space and knock through to have the beautiful kitchen you have always dreamed of. Creating more space means you can have an island or additional cupboard spaces and the appliances that never fitted before. If you are particularly lucky, you could always add in a utility room too to give you even more space,

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Small or Partial Garage Conversions

If you only have a small garage to convert or you wish to keep some of the space as a garage and have a partial conversion, there is still so much you can do that will make a huge difference to your home. How about adding a dining area on to the end of your kitchen? Or creating a utility room for muddy shoes and appliances. The opportunities are endless for you.

Does a Garage Conversion require Planning Permission?

One of the advantages of converting a garage is that it usually doesn’t need planning permission (we can advise on an individual project basis and confirm with you) if the building is not been extended and the majority of the work is internal. The planning portal offers further advice on this.

This is great news for homeowners as it means you have less paperwork and worries, and more opportunities to consider the things that matter the most to you – design and finishing.

How Much Does a Garage Conversion Cost?

This really does depend on the individual project and what you are wanting to use the end space for. If you are creating a new kitchen, the cost to install this may cost more than a much smaller job such as a bedroom. You may need new windows putting in or internal walls. Whatever you need can be done, it’s just a case of planning a conversion that meets your need and your budget.

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The above is just the starting point for a list of garage conversion ideas. We’ve seen and completed many over the years and will always be able to offer free and impartial advice to help you picture your dream conversion. Speak to a member of our family-run team who will be able to help today by getting in touch, call us on 0114 288 5898, use the forms below or send us an email and we can help you.

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